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Well here I am. Sunday. We went to Maccas this morning with 28 kids. That was mildly fun. I spent my whole time keeping my eye out for mischief that I didn't get to spend much time with the kids. That was a little sad. That group won't be running next year. That's a bit sad too. We had some year eight boys who were quite rowdy who took a shine to Jo. We'll miss them.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with Mum, Dad and Howie. We went to Brewhaha. I got a big breakfast. An all day breakfast. It was a pleasant occasion.

Breakfast was followed by a trip to Westfield where Howie and I run into two people from our year at school. That was good to see them. We had boring catch-up talk. Howie and I decided that yesterday was a good day to meet people from school as we were wearing our "hippest" clothes. For some reason we had managed to stay at least a little un-daggy yesterday and so were in the best outfits to impress people. I'm sure both old school friends went away impressed at how far we'd come since high school. "Howie and Tom, wow, they sure are cool, and they've done well for themselves. I thought they were dags at school, but since I saw them in Westfield, that's all changed."

And it's all in the clothes.

While we walked home a car driving along the Pacific Highway gave us a friendly "toot-toot". I smiled and waved as it drove past. It was a blue hatchback driven by two young blonds who both gave us the finger as they flew by. That was little odd.

At night David, Michael, Tim, Chris, Jem, Ryan and I all went to the amazing House of Chan for dinner. Good times were had. Jemma got a glass with a pink straw in it.

After dinner a few of us retired to David's for a DVD. We watched Antwone Fisher, an inspiring true story, staring and directed by Denzel Washington, with too much Hollywood, and badly done subplots.

Kaia and Erin popped in to visit too.