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I'm ready for church early. I don't have to leave for another half hour. This is amazing. I'm not sure how I managed that. It's funny, I'm never sure whether to call church, church or work. I guess when I'm there on any other day than Sunday I'm inclined to call it work. And when it's not Sunday evening after 6:30pm I'm inclined to call it work. But when I do call it work I get a pang of "Oh dear, Church shouldn't be work. Church should be church. It's much more special than work" But then, for me, I think it's pretty special working for the Church.

Anyway, right now I should be running around finding stuff for Sunday morning group. We're making a Power Point, story thing for Christmas. That should be good fun. I like the kids, I think they'll have fun doing this. Dressing up, being silly. I'm going have to figure out a way to keep them occupied while their photo isn't being taken. Perhaps they can peel potatoes or something. Or carrots. Do something productive. Although peeling carrots and potatoes when you don't need them peeled only really feels productive in reality, it's something completely different.