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Last night, as I slept, I had a bug crawling on my neck (problem with sleeping on the floor with the general bush floor/mulch that is my carpet I suspect). I woke up a little and tried to remove whatever the thing was that was making my neck feel funny. Being mostly asleep though, I didn't think it was a bug, just a tickle. I would brush the bit that felt funny, but by that stage the bug had crawled off. I felt it in one of my brush pasts though and realised it felt like a centipede. Once I computed this information I grabbed the bug off my neck and threw it away into the middle of my room.

As I started to go back to sleep I wondered if it was a centipede. And as I fell more asleep I started to think/dream that this actually was a centipede, and this centipede was an important centipede. He was the administrator at one of my friend's workplaces (I'm not sure what friend it was though). I thought perhaps I should get up and go talk to this centipede as he was an administrator and knew my friend. I started to feel quite rude and inhospitible. I really should make him feel welcome. Before I could do that though, I fell fully asleep, and the centipede headed off somewhere to continue being a centipede, or administrator. I hope he wasn't hurt by my rudeness.