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Yes. College. Done.

But I'll be back. I have exams and reflection day. And then more learning. But something or other finished today. I don't feel either one way or the other. I loved college. Lots of beautiful people. Lots of beautiful people who love the Bible and laugh at my jokes, what more can I want? But I guess I'm happy to be moving on. I'm happy to get on with my life. I will miss the train trips. And the hanging out. And the late night maccas trips. And the blogging, especially with James. And the not having to worry about anything in the rest of my life. College was a sanctuary. A time not to be a mature youth minister. A time not to have to worry about saying the right thing all the time. College was a place where I wasn't in charge and people could tell me what to do. A place where I got to learn about God. A place where I learnt what escatology was. A place where I could have my quiet times on the only piece of consectrated outdoor land in Australia (I think that's true, could be a dirty rumour). College was a good place where they looked after me and helped me grow in many, many ways. I say, "Yay for Anglican Youthworks College".