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capRe dayYester

I went to Chatswood to visit Grandpa. I hooked up his video and DVD player so he could start a massive illegal DVD/VHS copying business. Then we went and had lunch. We ate some average Chinese and talked about Grandpa and Grandson things, baseball, and I can't think of anything else Grandfathers and their Grandsons talk about.

We didn't talk about baseball actually.

I thought about continuing on to the city and sitting in a park and reading a book, but I decided not to when I realised I'd have to buy another ticket. I thought about going to see a movie by myself and relishing my individualism. That didn't happen either. I just went home. I read my book on the train. I also listened to something or other on my mini-disk which I'm sure I enjoyed.

Sat around at home.

At 7:31pm Rob, Jo and I left the house to go train catching and see the jive express (I've learnt recently that they don't use capitals). We missed our train so had to sit around on Hornsby station. I was acting a little strange, earning me the scorn of Howie. We got rid of him somewhere around Artarmon when he went downstairs and fell asleep and left Jo and I to have meaningful discussions, and all my craziness left with him.

We met up again at Wynyard.

We arrived at The Basement where we met Matt (who has updated just quietly, no commitments, I think it's just a casual blogging arrangement) and Helen. We saw a band of CCC-ness. At the door they gave me a stamp on my arm which was really nothing to write home about. The CCC-ness were good. We found ourselves a spot in the corner and set up camp for the night.

The jive arrived and played good. Yay for them. I applaud them still. Very funky. Yo yo! There was good company, good music. Sometimes the good music was to loud to take full advantage of the conversations that can be had in the good company, but I don't mind. I would have gone with bad company, or no company, so I think the music takes precedent.

Very close to the end (I'm hoping) Rob and I (Matt had gone home because his head was going to implode from flu-ness I heard) walked Jo and Helen to the ferry. They met some young females down there who had made friends (or at least attracted) an under the influence Jamaican. I stood by keeping my eye on him, thinking man-ly thoughts, ready to jump in at the slightest sign of danger, but I put the risk assessment to low so just stood by and offered correction when Jo told him that the Basement was 2 meters away from the wharves. Rob and I got in trouble later for not being man-ly and scary enough. Oh well.

We said good-bye to the girls and headed off to McDonald's so I could get some dinner. We walked all the way to George St because it's the closest one open after midnight. On the way two guys with shaved heads and scary faces sized us up and I tried to look as little and un-worth bashing as possible. I think they got the hint and kept walking.

In McDonald's I spilt my large Coke all over the counter. That made me feel silly.

At 1:somethinglate am the nightride bus came and took us to Hornsby.

From Hornsby Rob and I walked all the way home in the middle of the road. That was good. One car beeped at us.

I went to bed at 2:57am. Wednesday nights in the city are becoming a theme.