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I'm home now. No college for me tonight.

I thought I'd come home because I was feeling mildly sick. Yesterday I was feeling much more dodgy, but I thought I'd come home and get a good sleep in my own bed so I didn't deteriorate. But I didn't need a bad night's sleep. It all went really pear shaped once I got home. Bler, sick, bler.

I would like to talk about my problems but I think it may be a little inappropriate if you know what I mean.

Anyway, the good news is that I think I'll stay home tomorrow. Sleep in. See what Tuesdays look like in Hornsby.

Rob and I watched Punch Drunk Love. Very romantic in a kinda stuffed up, dysfunctional, kinda way. But we're all stuffed up and dysfunctional, some just show it better than others. I did like very much. Yay for Adam Sandler, Emily Watson and Paul Thomas Anderson.

It had really dodgy special features.