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Ok. Well perhaps yesterday is in order.

I think I discovered how people can go crazy when they spend a long time by themselves. I had a lot of annoying circular thought patterns yesterday.

Yesterday I planned to do my passport then go and sit in Wahroonga park and do sermon stuff. The post office was busy so I had to kill 45 minutes so I sat in Westfield drinking fresh orange juice (that's two days in a row I've had fresh juice from a shop, there's something wrong with me) and reading about 2 Corinthians 12:1-10.

Then I went and got my passport thing done, went home, ate some pie, had a sleep, interacted with my New Zealand cousins, hopped on a train.

I took my mini-disk and my book (Tandia) and caught the train to see Delle's play. It was a fun trip. I like to do stuff by myself sometimes.

I walked up Broadway listening to Powderfinger then took myself to Broadway shopping centre where I bought myself a large plate of average tasteing chinese food. I read my book, drank Coke and ingested sweet and sour pork. Then I couldn't finish it so I threw it out and thought naught of starving kids.

I then continued on to find the Seymour Centre. I got a little lost, because Mum gave me the wrong directions, but I rang home not to far into my wrong path and it turned into just a scenic detour. I went to the toilet then met Dave, Helen, Jo, Matt and Rob S with 5 minutes to spare.

Delle did good. I'd be very proud of her if I was her Mum. The play was good too. Was fun. I understood it too. There were a few things about the script that I didn't really like, but it was good. There were a lot of English accents.

After the play I walked back to the station. No music this time. More circular thinking. I paused to enjoy various bits of street art. Felt a little silly bit I wanted to enjoy my trip home.

Caught the train. Read my book. No music.

Walked home. Music.

Slept. No music.