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Well haven't I had a very special day?

Again, detail wouldn't go down to well.

At around 3pm I was lying on the couch feeling dodgy and Mum was cooking eggplant something or other. Mum said "I think it's time I prayed for you" so she came over and sat at the end of the couch and said "Dear God, please make Tom better. Amen" or something like that. Feeling that that was a little inadequate she went into the kitchen and got the canola oil that she was cooking with and an annointed me like one of her eggplant slices. I said "Thanks mum", then headed off to bed.

Since then I've been much better. I still have a few little pains, and wobbles, but nothing compared to pre-3pm. Nothing I couldn't give you a detailed description of on my blog. It's very good. A little bit of healing never did anyone any harm.

We all like God.

Not that we didn't like God before.

Tonight I will go to community dinner and eat mashed potato. Mum's making it for me. She's a good Mum.