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Today is assessment day again. I grr again. The rest of my house and lots of my friends have gone to a wedding. And I'm stuck here. How sad.

I had a meeting this morning for a concert that I'm doing something or other technical with (I never think of myself as a technical person and it freaks me out being put in the catagory, I don't know hardly enough acronymns and I know nothing about electricity, two things that define a technical person in my books). I turned up at this meeting at 9:32 feeling very good about myself and only two minutes late, but I got a look from everyone sitting in the chairs. They were all looking very established and it quickly became known to myself that I was 32 minutes late. Oh well. I missed the boring bits they told me.

Now I have to do my assessment. That was thursday's job but I didn't do it. I never get it done on thursdays. The last minute is too far away to have any real bearing on my motivational state. Now it's a little closer so I'm hoping its foot is long enough to give me a kick up the bum. I'm jealous of James, he's got his finished.

Well I'm going to start work now, at 12:30pm. And I'm not going to blog untill I'm done. That's my motivation.


See you in a few hours.