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Dirty Rain

I looked at our car this morning and it was covered in all these dirty brown spots. It was all over the roof of the car, the windscreen, the bonnet and the back. I thought that's a little odd. Maybe something was coming out of the tree.

I decided to hose down the car to make it a bit clean. But the hose wouldn't reach the car because Tassa had eaten too much of the hose, so I left it.

When Rob and I were walking up to the food court I noticed that every car in the street had these same dirty spots. And lots of cars were driving on the road with these same dirty marks. I realised it wasn't just our trees, the whole of Hornsby, or perhaps even further have received this baptism of dirt. It rained this morning. Or perhaps it was last night. When ever it was I think it was dirty rain. There was dirt in those thunder clouds.

I think you could write a song about that. Rain is normally refreshing, redemptive, cleansing. But not this rain. This rain does nothing but make you feel worse. It would be a sad melancholy song. You could call it "Dirty Rain".