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Packed up. Went home. Big convoy leaving stump. There were around 9 cars I think. That was pretty cool. I love convoys.

We got home. I had a shower and washed some clothes.

Rob and I went out to the RSL for dinner, then we went and saw Bad Boys II. It wasn't a bad film. A bit of fun.

We saw an old school friend and a girl I used to work with at the cinema whose name I forgot, after the movie. The school friend asked us what we were doing with our lives. We both said youth work. I wondered what that looked like. Two guys who wanted to be famous film makers both saying youth work. I wonder if we just stamped "Failure" to our heads.

It don't matter, I know why I'm here, and it's not because I failed. It would have taken at least another 3 years before I quit film-making out of failure I reckon.