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I just had a biff with the Foxtel woman. They wanted to charge us $137.85 for installation when we've already got a Foxtel port and all the Foxtel person would have to do is plug in three cords. Those same three cords which they made us unplug and post back to them when we didn't want Foxtel anymore. She told me that it was the same price for them to drill a hole in the wall and add a new port as it was for the man to just plug in three cords. I asked if it would be smarter for us to get a new port put in so we could get our value for money. She wasn't in a very good mood. She said "I'm not going to bargain with you".

In the end I said I wasn't sure if we wanted Foxtel because it was a bit of a waste of money. She played my bluff and asked if we wanted to cancel the installation, I said I'd have to talk to other people about that.

I think we should get another Foxtel port put in. That's a good idea I think. Means more places to plug our modem in.