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I'm not planning on killing James. I do disagree. I think I disagree whole heartedly with the refugee thing. I'm not too concerned about the money thing. It annoys me that private schools get a lot of money when public schools should be getting that. I'm not really concerned about the little ones, but the big Barkers, Knox, PLCs and the like. They get huge amounts of money and I remember sitting in my public school in one of Sydney's poshest areas thinking "This stuff sucks" (Not that being in a posh area should get you a better education, but you'd think the Government would want to spend more money in the rich areas, it makes political sense).

So that's my abbreviation. But I don't know a lot about the private school thing. I'm not really one way or another. I think they are probably ok. We should spend more on public education. That I am damn sure of.

I don't think that fleeing persecution or staying in Australia too long, or thinking that Australia is a better country to live in than your own is any reason to lock someone up.

So there you go.

I like James a lot too. He's a top bloke.