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I'm waiting for Don and Tinku to bring me a Sunday from McDonald's so I guess I can blog for a bit.

I preached tonight. Interesting experience. I was preaching on God's strength in our weakness. The preaching itself was about the same as it normally is. I quite enjoy it. It was a little more difficult this time, I hadn't got to spend as much time with the finished sermon as usual, and it was a little more personal and therefore harder to do. But in general it wasn't too bad.

But the interesting experience has been the lead up to this sermon. I've known about it for about the past 6 weeks I think. I've been mulling it over in my head. And trying to get my life around the topic. And that's been really difficult. I haven't had a harder sermon lead up than this. God getting to that space where I could preach about weakness and it's acknowlegment and acceptance with integrity has meant that these past six weeks have been some of the most emotional I've seen in a long time. I've been up and down so much. It's been quite a journey. And it's a story that's definitely too fresh to share. And perhaps too personal in many ways to mean anything to anyone but me.