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I'm not really sure that I have anything to blog about at the moment but I'm not going to be at college tonight so I feel I should make sure I get something out.

We have a sleep over tonight at the Dean's house. Oi, you Uni people, I wanna see you have a sleep over at your Dean's house. All the guys are going to his house and being male or something. He lives near the beach, that scares me. I don't want to go to the beach. I'll be alright. I might go visit my cousins they live near-by.

"Hello Cousins"

I'm very tired today. I stayed up too late showing Don my videos. I'd ignored him most of the time he's been at my house so I felt I owed him a bit of time.

I fell asleep many, many times in Old Testament today. We were learning about Apocalypticism, whatever that is. Something to do with Daniel 7. Yah.