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To begin my commenting on Matt's blog:

Christian Vocations

I wrote this to Jo my sister the other day in an e-mail, so I'll cut and paste it:

Jem was saying that there was something in one of the sessions at Black Stump there was a discussion about people working in full time mission work and that sort of thing and if everyone is called to that. She was saying that sometimes the impression is given that if you work full time for the church or for a mission organization somehow what you do is more important than if you’re an engineer, or an accountant, or a teacher. That annoys me. Sometimes when you hear people talk about going into ministry they say they wanted to do something more important, something with a more lasting impact, something of eternal significance. That’s silly. The eternal significance of any vocation will be found in whether God wants you to be there or not, not in whether it’s secular, worldly or disposable.

I'm all for secular employment. The church is way too insular. We need to be out being Christians, not in being Christians.

I might go find secular employment next year. For a day or something. As I've said, I want to hang around people who swear, I know too many Christians. I live in a Christian ghetto.