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I walked up to the cinema tonight. I wore my daggy Youthworks jumper. I put Matchbox 20 in my mini-disk and I went walking. I put my hood on, my hands in my pockets and walked along feeling like Eminem. I figure he doesn't listen to Matches though.

I walked home too. It was a bit colder. There were less people. A lot more police. I was hoping they would pick me up for walking like a gansta rapper. They didn't. Better luck next time. I probably feel more like Eminem than I look, I guess.

I'm feeling a bit sick. Like I've got a flu coming on. I've had a sore throat all day. Perhaps I'm getting Matt's flu. It's kinda nice catching diseases from other people, it's got a nice community feel to it.

Anyway, perhaps tomorrow I will wake up feeling terrible.

Hopefully not though. Let's see if I can conquer "suffering, sin and Satan!"