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Started early and cold. After breakfast we went up to the Big Top for the morning meeting. Rob did the Stumper's Prayer. The band played lots of worship music and the lead guy talked a bit too much for my liking. They talked a lot about water. Got a little boring but they got their point across.

Mike Frost talked. He also talked a lot. But he talked alright. And he was the speaker so it makes sense he would talk.

I went to a Bible study with an American lady who spoke with an American accent and was talking about lament. I liked the session but she seemed a little like a cross between a social worker and a talk show host.

We did some advertising in the Village. We did a album signing with Zac, that went very well. We set up a table and a chair and put some signs up. About 25 of us lined up with empty cd cases with fake Zac Malise album covers, and waited for Zac to arrive. Zac came walking through the village, everyone cheered then clamored (is that the right word?) for his autograph. Many onlookers were perplexed. Some even joined the line. It was a perfect rent a crowd moment.

I hung out in the village after that, meet old youth group kids, old ISCF friends, college buddies, and current youth group leaders. It was a very pleasant afternoon.

We did Hands and Trains that night. That was my most depressing experience of Stump. Technically it all seemed to go wrong from my end. The music was too quiet and the lapels were stuffing up (which wasn't my problem) and the dvd was mis-behaving, time code stuffing up and I was pressing the wrong things at the wrong time. I came away feeling pretty dodgy.

I went and saw Me and Ty, with Mike and Rich, they were fun. They were very different from what I expected. It was good fun. Mike said he'd meet me, but he disappeared. I started getting stressed because I had to go and have a pre-TOOBSC meeting and Mike was no-where to be found. In the end I left and found him in Village Central on my way back to the tent. I gave him a verbal slap and told him to see us tonight.

We had out pre-TOOBSC meeting and I did the Bible bit. That was fun. I enjoy doing Bible bits. The Bible is good fun. Talking about Jesus is good fun.

I decided that this was going to be a good show. It had that feeling. I took my dvd player this time to replace the one they had at the venue.

We had a good show too. No problems for my part of the woods. I got to watch the show. I got to watch Matt do his thing, which I didn't get to do the night before and that bugged me, so it was nice. Matt did good, but Matt always does good.

I think it all went off better. The audience was smaller, but it all felt better. I came away happy.

Before bed I went and saw the last four songs of Jive Express. They were the bomb. I was very impressed. The lead singer is leaving. He's having his last gig on Saturday. I think I'll go seem 'em tomorrow night. Yeah.