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So here we go.


Interesting day. I knew it would be a bugger to make the Black Stump DVD of TOOBSC and Hands and Trains. I tried to do as much as possible but discovered a few problems. The cds that Helen gave me with music and photos on them both didn't work. I had the same problem with music on the Saturday before. I went on a search for the missing music. It was a Paul Colman Trio song. No-one near by seemed to have PC3 on cd, but James in Ulladulla had it. Only 3 hours south, no big deal. He was coming up anyway so I asked him to bring it.

It also occurred to me that I had had very little leisure time recently and probably wouldn't get any soon, so I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl with David in an idle moment of the afternoon.

David went to buy his ticket, showed his student card and asked for one to the "Students of the Caribbean". That was funny. I followed him and a showed my card and asked for one pirate to the same film. Mine wasn't as funny but I had to join in the fun.

I finished that came home. Started rendering the video. James arrived. I fixed the music. Started rendering again. We went out to the House of Chan for chinese. That was exciting. I figured I couldn't do anything else while the rendering was happening. That was good fun. I like the House of Chan. So much class.

We got home and the rendering had died about a minute after we left the house. I tried rendering the video about another 8 times before it worked. Helen and Jo came around to drop off a working cd of photos for Hands and Trains and I put that together when TOOBSC had finally rendered.

In the end I finished at 4am as previously mentioned. I got to pack and have a quiet time though during those early morning hours while I had nothing else to do but pray that the computer would behave.