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Started too early.

We left (James, Helen, Jo, Gemma and I) about 2 hours late. We had McDonald's on the way. Gemma kept telling me to change lanes, but I'm not as speedy as she would like I think. I did have two cars following so I didn't want to change lanes till unless there was a gap big enough for 3 cars not one.

Black Stump was looking the same. I camped with my church in a different site. It was the first time I haven't been on site 2 in about 8 years I think. It was a little strange. But fitting I feel now. I didn't feel the need to replicate the Black Stump experience of previous years.

I set up my tent.

And now I'm going to stop the running commentary.

We had our first show of TOOBSC which was good but I found it difficult to pay attention because I had a funny dvd player. I felt a little flat, but I think that was just me. We had an hour and a half of pre-show stuff, Bible, singing, prayer, warm ups (I didn't participate in that), 'twas good.

I finished very hungry and very tired. I didn't eat much dinner before the show, nerves. I ate after, I was hungry. I went to bed at 11:50pm. Early really, by any of my standards.