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Today the Foxtel man came and put the Foxtel in for us. Took him 27 minutes exactly. I stayed in bed because I didn't want him to see me in my boxers.

I came out and saw Foxtel for the first time and my heart sank. There goes my life.

I wanted to do something with my day off today. I often spend days off staring at the computer feeling depressed because I can't find anything to do with my day off. So I went to the city and had lunch with Jem. We ate vegetarian Yum Cha. It was fun. It didn't fill me up though. We had conversation. I got her to de-brief Black Stump for me. We talked about moral professions, and what we were excited about. Jem's going to Uni. As is Chris, and Ryan and some others. Lots of people going off to learn. I think that's cool. Yay for all those learners out there. I support learning. I feel like a proud father when his son gets the education he never got. Although, I'm getting an education. And maybe one day my letters will be just as impressive as the Uni people. But I'm rambling.

After lunch I went to Hyde Park and sat under a tree reading my book. When I got cold because the sun moved behind a building I moved up to the grass and fell asleep while reading in the sun. When I woke up it was cloudy and all my fellow sleepers had left the park, as had the flirty couple to my right, and the HSC girl studying under a light post. I sat there for a while. Read my Bible then headed off to catch the train home. I caught an express from Central. David called me on the train. I was listening to my mini-disk and I think I answered the phone very loudly because the whole train seemed to turn around when I said "Hello". I felt a little embarrassed then because I'm pretty sure everyone listened to our conversation and we discussed the special featured on The Matrix Reloaded dvd. Not a very impressive subject to be discussing for the entertainment of the whole train. Would have been better if we could have talked about my recent accomplishments on the weights at the gym or something.

Now I am home. My head hurts a little but I feel like I've had a good quality day off. I hope George W is enjoying his day too.