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I just got back from the Dean's place. I decided not to sleep over. I'm going to stay here tonight and get up and do some study in the morning for this church History test I have.

We had beer and pizza tonight (I had Coke because I haven't learnt to drink beer yet) and talked about ministry issues. The issues were mainly relationship issues. Like what do you do when someone within your ministry, especially a leader or older person, gets a crush on you and you don't like them back. How do you deal with that?

And how do you go out with someone appropriately while you are in ministry?

I'd never really put in much thought about it all really. I've put in at least an hours worth of thought, now I'm an expert.

We bought McDonald's on the way home and were silly (some would call it flirting) with the Macca's chicks. I bought a chocolate Sunday and a large nuggets meal.