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I feel like I have a lot of blogging catch up to do.

I wrote quite a long post about Friday on Friday night but the computer crashed before I got it all done. Perhaps I'll do a little less of a recap. But I need to get Friday out there and into cyberspace. It's an important thing for me.

Friday morning I went to memorial service for our friend who died. It was a bit strange. Very unreal. I guess I still can't get my head around it and the service didn't really help. It was so unfamiliar to me, it put the whole thing more into the world of the surreal rather than less.

The service was in a big Catholic church in Wahroonga. Most of the service was a Catholic mass which strange. I was working hard not the theologically knitpick the Catholic tradition and participate in the service. It was difficult but I was very interested in what was going on.

The end of the service they had the eulogies. They were nice. He was a really nice man. It's really sad that he's not around anymore. The people that got up to talk must have been through such a horrible time over the past week.

After the service I left quickly because I was running late the Christian group at the school.

Friday we had staff meeting and I had meeting with Steve about what I'm doing next year. I'm pretty excited about next year. I found it difficult to sleep on Friday night because I was thinking about how it's all going to be. Or at least how it all could be.

Youth group went nicely. The kids behaved. I broke a few of my youth ministry rules. I would be frowned upon by college people for the games we played before youth group. The pointless ball games. They're bad. But they were good. We had fun. The kids had fun. I think they worked well in getting rid of the kids energy and that way managed to have a much more normal night. It was good.

After youth group I had a good debrief with Lauren and Tanya. It was good talking to them.

And then it was off to Maccas for dinner and more talking of ministry things.