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I didn't go to a worship option in the morning. Headed off into the bush and had my own God time. That was good fun. I spent about an hour chewing the fat with God. We went through the usual discussions and requests and wrestles and thank-yous and all the rest of it. I read my Bible sitting on a log looking at where Main Stage used to be in the eighties and early ninties. It was really good to get away.

I was late to the pre-Hands and Trains meeting for that afternoons show because I had to go to Off Broadway and talk to our tech guys and test the dvd. I heard the end of a Bible study which was good. I lay in the sun thinking about temptation (which is what he was talking about) and thinking about skin cancer (which is what I was worrying about). It was a very pleasant wait. When I talk to the tech guys they built a change room for us. That was very nice of them.

This show went off good too. I only had one stuff up. The music was louder. It was nice to get my work done.

Sunday afternoon was spent meeting internet buddies, and friends.

I watched the comedy debate. That was a very interesting experience. I was appaled by the treatment of one of the debaters by the audience. This one guy was having a shocker but the audience were so rude. They were shouting and booing and calling for the gong. It was quite un-pleasant. The cheersquad at the beginning made me laugh. As did Fraser.

The big meeting was good. Mike Pilavachi was very funny and taught good. People cheered Tim Hughes when he came up like he was a rock star. That made me cringe but he reacted well, and Mike payed him out more than usual, probably in reaction to our "awe-ness" as a crowd.

We were very squashed. I got to know the people sitting around me very well. We had four crazy teenagers sitting near on out toes who spent all night being annoying, shouting, giving each other high fives, and diving for offertory buckets and pushing 5 people out of the way in the process.

I went and saw Paperadio with Tim after dinner. I also stood in the tent showin the Grand Final for about 10 minutes to absorb some male-ness into me. I even cheered and went "ooooh" at the appropriate moments.

At around 1:25 I headed over to The Metro to see The Outback Hippies. Lightly Salted Peanuts were on. They started late. It was their last gig. I'd seen em a few times. They weren't bad. I like them a bit. A bit of fun they were.

The Hippies started somewhere around 2am. They went off. There as a lot of there. I danced. The Hippies are the one time in the year where I'll dance. And it was good fun. They are very cool. I had a lot of fun. They finished at around 3:45. Yeah baby. So cool.

I bought a Solo then went to bed.

I was woken up later when it was a little lighter. I thought "Here we go, someones playing a joke on me." I thought it was someone from my crew. The outside was unzipped, then the inner fly thing, then the fly screen, and standing there were two girls and one guy probably all about 16, none of who I had ever seen before.

"Good morning, what can I do for you?" I said.

"Hello." said the guy "Is my Dad in there?"

"No. Sorry"

"Are you sure my dad's not there?"

"Yeah, I'm sure your dad is not in here. It's just me"

"Ok good bye." And they left and I went back to sleep.