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Yesterday was a good day up until the point where I got sick again. Actually it was good after that, but deteriorated.

I woke up late. And went slowly. I was struck by the idea that I could have porridge for breakfast. It was a great idea. My diet lately has been pretty much vegemite toast and mashed potato (although I reckon one of the best things about being sick is the mashed potato). So I had porridge. I cooked the instructions that served 3 and ate the whole saucepan. The porridge was fantastic.

Then I found out what time The Punisher was on up at Hornsby and called Chris to see if he would go with me. Luckily it's exam time, so he was willing to ditch study for a movie.

The movie wasn't very good. Very violent, and didn't make you feel very good. It was all about revenge (although the main character said it wasn't revenge, it was punishment). Silly, silly film. I enjoyed watching a movie, but this one wasn't really worth watching. It was just un-pleasant really.

I came home and was very hungry. I cooked myself some pasta. I was getting adventurous and I was still hungry. But alas, the pasta was my downfall. I think it may have been something to do with the sour cream and cheese that I added to the mix. It didn't sit well with me.

Mum and I went over to the Castle's and I wasn't feeling great.

It was fun visiting though. Ryan, Jem and I hung out in the kitchen. Then after dinner Jem and I hung out in the lounge room as I got progressively worse.

Last night was horrid. I think it was the worst night I've had so far. I couldn't sleep at all between 2:30 and 4:30 because I was in too much pain. I watched TV but even with 45 channels there was nothing worth losing sleep over. Eventually I managed to fall properly asleep at around 6am and spent the rest of the time dreaming about Student Alpha.