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At small group yesterday we had masses of chips. Because I was sick last week I told the guy who was on food to bring them this week. When I talked to the person who was on food this week I forgot that we already had food organised. So I told him to bring some. Then the sister of the boy who's house we were at had a party that day at pre-school or something and brought home a few packets of chips. So it turned out we had 8 packets of chips. There was enough for a packet each with on left over. It was massive. And the was such joy within the room when people realised they could have a whole packet of their favourite chips all to themselves. It was a chip abundance. We had some left over (only about a packet though) and I felt like we'd fed the 5,000. Baskets left over and everyone had their fill. It was great.

I love chips.

After small group I went and picked Jo up and we headed down to Manly for Gem and Mil's birthday which was good fun. The pizza tasted nice and the company was much pleasurement. I laughed lots I think. And I didn't feel sick. It was great. I really wanted a hot chocolate, but I retrained myself. I thought it might be bad for me stomach.

We talked road trip and I'm getting excited. It's interesting seeing David at the moment because I'm aware that he's going to be gone soon. I'm enjoying seeing so much of him. He's got an "I'm about to go away to a developing country" aura about him at the moment. He's good to spend time with.

Today I've sat around. Mum made me some lunch because she's fussing over me. Kaia rang me before to get a phone number and it was good to talk to her. Tasmainia is so far away.

I might go flying somewhere next week, when I get some free time.