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I think I had a pretty happy day today. Full, but happy.

Maybe content.

And not stressed. Not yet. It's coming. Whenever I see a full, stressful period of my life ahead I get the lyric in my head "I can see it coming, I think I know what it is" (U2). And I walk around singing "Stuck in a Moment".

But today was pretty nicely stress free.

The drama group in the morning was much fuller than planned. People must have heard we were making a video. We joined with Jo and Kaye's group for the day, and ended up having almost every kid from both groups, plus two extras. I didn't have nearly enough jobs on crew, or roles in the script for all of them. But seeing as I thought it was a dodgy script anyway, I scrapped it and Jo helped us to create a whole new video on the spot. Conceptually it's much better. We'll see how it turns out on paper.

There was a lunch meeting which was nice. And an after lunch meeting too. And a meeting after the meeting after lunch. And perhaps there was a mini-meeting in between the lunch meeting and the after lunch meeting.

I really enjoyed the lunch. How good is food? I think God created us with the needs for many things, and all of them are good. Especially food. And water. Water is wonderful.

Youth Group was good too. It was on time, seemed mostly energetic, and I had fun. And really, youth group is only for my own personal enjoyment. It's stated in our core values: "So Tom can have fun."

Phil did a meaty sermon tonight. I told him at Macca's "I enjoyed you meat". It was theological, and chewable. At least much more than our usual fare. Not that I mind our usual fare, but it's good to get into it every now and again. I was reminded how much I enjoy college and learning about the Bible. So much fun. Next term I'm learning about Daniel and Psalms. Cool dude! I'll be able to buy four new commentaries. I'm enjoying putting commentaries on my bookshelf even if I have never read them. I look smart because the books look boring.

After Church and Maccas we came home and Howie, Mil and I watched a documentary on Submarines. Good times. Discovery Channel has this fantastic bit called "Extreme Machines" or "Extreme Power" or something like that and they just show documentaries about really cool machines (usually military stuff). Very male I feel, but very cool. My favourite one was the one about Extreme Trucks, they were the bomb. Trucks. Big Trucks. Lot's of wheels, very heavy. Cool.

I think the submarines would be the one time in the past few weeks that I've watched TV. No Maccas, no Coke, no TV, I'm almost a vegan hippy.