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Today was productive. I felt better than I did yesterday.

Yesterday I had the "Day-Off Blues" where you feel bad because you don't do much. I did have lunch with Mum though. That was good.

And commy dinner went well. I love caramel mud cake.

Today I went for a run. I want to "get back in shape" after slacking off since getting sick a few months ago. I did badly, but I'll work my way back.

And at work I was productive almost all day. I did lots of little things that needed to be done and it felt good. I only worked an eight hour day too. Woohoo. I'm almost a proper worker.

One of the most exciting things was that I got the cd sermon business fully operational. I even put last week's controversial sermon on cd. It was good. I got to listen to it and see what all the fuss was about. And now we have a week's worth of sermons on cd. Fantastic. I've been excited about it all day. I love things like this.

And I'm feeling pretty organised for once in my life. It's great. I love being organised.

Tonight we went to the Pub and had chats. Was still good. I do enjoy the pub. And we sat around at Coles. Good old Coles.

Priscilla came too. Yay for her.