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I want to vomit.

Perhaps that would solve my problems. I haven't vomited for days. Sometimes when you vomit you feel better. I want it all to go away. Maybe it'll come out my mouth and I'll be fine.



I went to work today because I declared myself better. But alas it wasn't to be. I felt pretty rotten at the beginning, and deteriorated as the day went on. By the time youth was finished I didn't think I'd be able to sit through church comfortably. So I slept. I went into my office put some couch things on the floor, grabbed my pillow (which I had brought as I am always prepared), turned on my heater and fell asleep to the melodic sounds of Chris and friends singing about Jesus. It was a more comfortable way to do church.

Mike suggested today that we install plush couple chairs at church like at Gold Class. I'm all up for that. They wouldn't be fun to move, but how comfy. Ahh.

The good thing is I'm in a better mood today. I think spending the day with people has made me happier. My feelings of self-worth go up when I'm productive. Isn't that a shame.

I hope I sleep tonight. Nights are so boring. I might go the Foxtel route again tonight. I wonder if there are any movies on.