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Early up. Again.

And off to school.

Howie and I got there early. One of the people at school saw us and our bags of Chuppa Chups and said to me "Hey are you those priest guys?" Yep, that's us, priest guys.

During the next ten minutes the team turned up, Sal, Jo, Helen and Zoe (Jamie and Melanie came during the first session) and we assessed our situation. We were down a few leaders and had a big gymnasium. This could get messy. We prayed. Courtney came to visit, she was praying for us elsewhere in the school. Fantastic.

We had year seven first. They were noisy, and the gym just made it worse. For the first 15 minutes it looked like it was all going down the tubes. But we recovered, I talked and the kids listened. The were well behaved by the end. We had small groups and good discussion. Jamie got told by a bunch of girls never to become gay. Good plan.

When they were done it was year 8's turn. Being a little older and wiser we managed to pull of the seminar with much less fuss. More good discussion.

For year 9 we were in a new room. A much better quieter room. Jamie and I split the whole back row up. They were talking and punching each other. How very teacher of us. I always thought scripture teachers were less important than substitute teachers when I was in High School. I wonder if everyone thinks that.

But it was still good. And year 10 went nice. Kaye joined us for those ones. Lots of good talking was done during the day. Sometimes people say nothing, but sometimes lots of good stuff gets discussed, and we pray that makes a difference.

Feeling tired we had lunch together. It was a nice wind down.

I had coffee with Sal to talk film making. That was nice. Although, I had completely lost all my adrenaline by then so I wasn't very vibrant.

Home was a bit of work, then it was off to home groups. We had a meeting about the 18-30s age group at church. I was put in a sticky situation that I felt dodgy about. I chose honesty and felt bad. Sometimes being a staff member isn't always the best.

David and I left pretty soon afterwards. I enjoyed the drive home. David is good.