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To recap my night: Bed, couch, bed, couch, bed

Kinda like my day really. Last night we watched Spellbound which was tops. Heaps of year 8 people trying to spell big words. It was very good.

I spent all night dreaming about spelling bees. That was fantastically boring. I didn't manage to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. At 4am I gave up and thought I'd fall asleep infront of the tv. I watched this documentary on Showtime called: 20th Century Fox: The Blockbuster Era. According to the documentary the blockbuster era spanned the entire length of Fox's life as a company and every film they made was a blockbuster. It wasn't hard to guess who funded that insightful piece of journalism. But it did its job and I managed to fall asleep infront of the tv for an hour, before being woken up by Hannah when she emerged early in the morning.

Today I am missing out on a Breakthru' Artz meeting which I'm bummed about. It seemed like an important one to go to and I'm stuck here blogging and watching Simpsons re-runs.