6/01/2004 12:30:00 am

Bourgeois Cinema

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Now I've done Gold Class.

I always wondered what it was like now I know.

First up, The Day After Tomorrow wasn't too bad. I enjoyed myself. I didn't feel all that cold but I did see everyone snuggling up in sleeping bags and I thought, "How fun". And the effects were pretty good. Lots of people died.

If ever we have an ice age, I'll be pretty happy that I'm living in Australia, because we were fine. The movie wasn't too patriotic either. And there was a good line about the Western Countries now having to live in the 3rd World Nations. It was a nice, leftist irony.

The Gold Class though, that was silly. A lot sillier than the film. You arrive and enter this "exclusive" bar area where you can sit around and have a drink before going into your exclusive cinema that only seats 30-40. You can order your food (hot food like wedges) and drink from the bar and have it brought in to you at any stage during the movie: "I'll have my frozen Coke at 10:35, thank you." Everything has to be paid for. I thought you got free pop corn and soft drink, but in actual fact, it all costs money.

You do, though, get to sit on comfy seats. And they recline all the way. I was happy to know that if ever the film got boring I could quite comfortably fall asleep.

The toilets were nothing special except there was only one toilet and one urinal. Where's the community?

Basically you don't get much for you $30 but the feeling of being special. It's all a bit elitist. Fun to do once, but not worth more than that. There were a few people there who looked like that's what they do whenever they go to the movies. Shame really. I'd rather sit with the plebs. More fun, cheaper, and there are more toilets.