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I should write my script for tomorrow. I have a video to make with many young people. But I'm not.

I also want to go to Westfield and buy a dvd or two. That's sounding very appealing.

We have a mouse who lives in our house at the moment. I think he moved in last night. I heard him scratching at the bathroom door.

I went to Jill and Brent's wedding today. It was very nice. Short too. About 40 minutes or less if I'm not mistaken.

Weddings always make me plan mine. I'm sure mine will not be 40 minutes long. Although I have so many plans, I'm sure the wife will say "No Tom, we cannot play the Eno game at our wedding" and stuff like that. At least if I have lots of plans I should get some of them passed. As long as I don't marry Miss Megalomaniac. I bet she'll have been dreaming of her perfect wedding since she was three and never once would those dreams have involved the minister dressing up as Elvis. What a shame.