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The video we made in drama we premiered in the morning service at Church. We missed the first title. I thought "Oh well, we made if for this evening"

During drama we played ping-pong ball soccer with our fingers most of the time. I couldn't be bothered running a proper session. I thought we deserved a break after making such a good video. It was fun.

Helen, Matt and I had a meeting about the big live/film project for the year. It all seemed a little daunting. I was excited by Matt's story, but I'm not sure if I have the talent to pull it off. I'm just a small time, handicam man. But I'm excited about the challenge.

Youth group was fun. We played games and I had fun during dinner. I was silly, and I like silliness.

After church at Macca's Jodie and Pip told me off for saying "Crap". Oops. I'm a bad person.

I do enjoy McDonalds even if I don't eat it.