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So today has been long and good.

Interesting really. It started at 7:15am having a prayer breakfast at church. I like prayer and I like breakfast, so apart from the time it was good.

I retired to my office for a bit of a sleep after that. Lovely. I did other work, and some blogging, when I wasn't asleep.

We went to the high school again today, and the lunchtime group is really taking off. We had 21 people today. Last week we had 25. It's blowing me away. We set a goal at the beginning of the year to get 50 people and now we're halfway there. It's great. And truly, we're not doing much. It's all God. People just turn up. It's like "Wow!".

I had a staff lunch, played with the air hockey table that arrived for tomorrow nights term celebration. It's going to be fun.

I spent this evening setting up for the celebration. It should be cool. Everything is going pretty smoothly. I had lots of fun hanging out with all the young people and leaders. There was a lot of floating around and being silly but it was good bonding and the church is looking good.

After that, it was off to the evangelistic speaker at the pub. Our church organised this bloke to come and talk who died and came back to life and is now telling everyone about Jesus. I went a bit skeptical, but he was good. He spoke for an hour and a half and held my attention the whole time. He didn't say anything that made me think "Uh oh" and it was all quite biblical. He spent the last bit of his talk jumping around in the Bible showing us stuff. It was cool. He talked the gospel. In the end he says something about it not mattering what we think of his story and whether he died or not, it's how we respond to Jesus and his death that is important. That was very good. He wasn't crazy, and he told a good yarn.

People became Christians too, so that was exciting. Talking in the carpark afterwards with people about what had happened was very cool.

I drove home feeling, weird. Probably useless is the most fitting word. For some reason events like tonight leave me feeling flat and not particularly useful. Like there are 100 other people around who could be in my position and doing a much better job at it. So I drove home considering those uplifting thoughts and continued to pray and be reminded that God is bigger than my feelings. Not that I felt any less un-necessary, it's just good to know that I'm not.