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So I'm a little sick of being sick.

It seems to occur sometimes. As one of my small group boys told me on the phone today "We all get sick sometimes." Which is quite true, although I would rather not, and I'd rather do it less. Or get sick where you can still function. Not sick that puts you in bed for the day. My protestant work ethic is continually rearing it's ugly head, especially when I can't work.

Anyway today so far as gone like this:

Bed, shower, bed, couch, bed, couch, bed, chair in kitchen, computer.

I went to bed at 10:45 last night hoping to get a really good sleep. Instead I woke up every hour feeling sick. At least I was able to see that night looks like night at all times of night.

Yesterday was lovely. I did very little. I fiddled with my computer. I wagged food court because I wasn't in the mood to be social.

I took myself alone to the movies. I went and saw Raising Helen. This seemed like a good idea because I had the memory the Jo had done something similar and it had a been a none too shabby affair.

It turned out that I enjoyed the movie, even if it was made for chicks. I sat in the cinema with two other women who sat right at the back. They laughed at a few of the right spots and many of the wrong ones. I laughed most at the religion jokes, because, well, I'm a church boy at heart. I almost cried too, which I think is a testament to how tired I was.

When the movie finished I snuck out so that the women wouldn't see me. It would be embarrassing to be a 21 year old male caught alone in a chick flick.

I wagged photography too and came home and spent the night with my family (after blogging). I enjoyed that. Jo came over too. She also decided to wag photography. We had take away Indian. I had butter chicken which I think is the cause of today's issues. It wasn't even all that good. If it had been the butter chicken at work though, I would almost sacrifice a day in bed for it.