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I am really hanging out for my 1,500th post. I should have a very special post. You know how on Home and Away when they get to their one thousandth episode they would have a special cliffhanger 2 part episode.

Maybe on my 1,499th post I can say "I'm blogging from the back of a car. We just had an accident. My mum is pregnant with an unexpected child and we aren't sure if it will survive the crash, she may have to give birth through the window which the fireman has been kind enough to smash. I, on the other hand, am also stuck in the car, although the other car. I crashed into my mother as she reversed out of the driveway and I was driving in. The ambulance man has told me that I may be a paraplegic for life, and that I have cut an artery in my neck and may die in the next few minutes. I decided that this was an ideal opportunity to blog as I may never walk, or live for that matter, again."

Everyone will be on the edge of their seats. "What's going to happen to Tom?" they'll say.

And then on my 1,500th post I'll say "Today was an interesting day. I have a new baby brother. We are calling him Pulsar after the car he was born in. I also got in a bit of a pickle but the nice emergency service people helped me out and everything is fine now. Must go to bed, I'm getting up early in the morning."

In other news Ryan and I went for a run this morning. Ryan beat me for the first time in years. Oh dear. I'm going to have to go running some more. Damn him for staying fit while I stayed in bed.

In other other news, I have written over 176,000 words. To be precise this is my 176,591st word ever written on my blog. Fantastic.

That's a lot of words. Most of them are probably useless. If anyone was going to read all my blog now it would take a long time. They would have to really like me.