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I wonder if I have my 5 year High School reunion this year. I wonder if I'll get invited. I wonder if anyone will bother organising one.

I can't wait till my reunion, I'll bust down the double doors, and I'm going stand on the tables and tell everyone how much cooler I am now. "I am no longer a library geek everyone! I watch films, I own name brand clothes, I drive a big white van. I'm cool! I haven't been to the library in weeks!"

I'm not really looking forward to any kind of reunion, but it could be funny. I'm sure I'll just have the usual conversations. "So what do you do now?"

"Oh, I work for a real estate agent."


"What do you do?"

"I work as youth minister at a church in Belrose"



Or then theres:

"Hey Tom do you still make films?"

"Not really. I work for a church."



If I go, I'll just sit in a corner with Howie, Chris and Anmol. Every now and again Tim will come and visit us. And then we'll go home.

It'll be a lovely night.