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So I'm at work and I thought I'd take this opportunity to blog.

The Harbour Bridge really is a lovely thing to photograph. Yesterday I went back to the bridge with more film in my camera and went photo crazy. It was wonderful fun. I'd post some of the photos but I only took one or two on my digital, and they're still stuck in the camera.

I haven't shaved since last Sunday and I'm feeling very itchy.

We were asked at college today how our ministry life was going, and I said "Wonderful. Lovely church and lovely people." I then elaborated and talked a bit more about how things were. But I felt I needed to give a chirpy answer because most people we're having a good time. Court cases, lost ministers, job changes. Me, I just do too much. And this week I'm not even sure if that's the case. I think I'm going to work about an hour overtime this week. Fantastic. I think that's because I've been at college today. But I've been diligently trying to work less.

Helen and I have been pushing each other to work less. It's good to have Helen around. We keep each other accountable. And it's much less lonely in ministry. We got told at college today that ministry is a very lonely place. But I don't feel all that lonely. I guess that's the plus of doing youth ministry with someone else. We're both doing the same thing, so we both know what's going on for the other.

Yay for Helen.

I also got told that when I put my hand for ministry I was putting up my hand to be a lightning rod for "aggression and conflict" or something like that. Fantastic. Woohoo. I love conflict.