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Started really early for a public holiday. I woke up angry at the sun for not being up yet, and my clock for telling me un-pleasant news.

I recovered soon and walked to the station listening to Radiohead piano concertos. Just what one needs for the crisp winter air.

I caught an express bus to Strathfield and slept most of the way there. Buses aren't comfortable to sleep on, but when you're feeling tired...

I met Jo (sister) at Strathfield. When she picked me up picked me up I had my breakfast (Bacon and egg roll and hot chocolate) in my hands and I squeezed into her lovely Corolla.

We drove to Centennial Park all ready for our photography lesson at 9am. We found our class at the meeting spot and waited for the teacher to turn out. More students arrived. A group of three people sat down next to us and told each other how drunk they got on the weekend. Jo and I talked about private schools and sex before marriage.

Eventually the three people left again, and Jo and I took that as our cue to leave too. We'd been sitting around for 45 minutes and the teacher hadn't turned up. It turned out that neither of us wanted to go to the class anyway so it was a nice surprise. We went for a walk, bought and paper and Jo bought a coffee. Then we sat in the park and talked for a while. It was nice. We had good talking.

Eventually it was time for Mum's birthday picnic.

Centennial Park has toilets placed as far away from anywhere as possible.

The picnic was good. Many lovely people. I hung out with Hannah a lot and Mark. I also climbed a tree.

I spent the whole picnic craving Coke. I had some Apple and Strawberry juice, but that did nothing for me.

I slept all the way home in the car.

Howie and I went shopping for 500 Chuppa Chups. Then it was off to work for me. I had some scripture seminars to plan. As I sat at work I got more and more stressed.

I had a break in between for a preaching course, which was very inspiring. It gave me much food for thought about the role of preaching in Church life and the importance of preachers. I think we should give our Senior Ministers less work.

Then it was back to work. I stressed and kicked things, and had visions of masses of angry teenagers, and hours of chaos. I eventually went home at around twenty to one after deciding that my half prepared talk was enough, and I could do all things through Christ. If it was going to be good it was going to be his show tomorrow.