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I'm in the middle of stress days, and sleepless nights. Tomorrow is pretty full and somewhere in there I have to plan Scripture Seminars.

Last night's term celebration was tops. It felt big, which was the plan. God did good stuff. And we had fun. People laughed in most of the right places. Yayness.

Today was full. As usual. Meetings and the like. We showed a video which we made in drama at church this morning and the evening. Sadly the beginning was cut off both times. So we missed some of the best bits. At least, the contextual bits.

I had a meeting about the big film project for the year. I'm getting both excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I'm hoping to pull a good crew around me this time. I'm going to try not to do it all. That would be nice.

At 12:30 on Tuesday the stress will go and I'll just be tired. I'm so excited. That's the time I'm aiming for. After that the brain can switch off. Yay.

I have to be at Strathfield station at 8:30 in the morning. Best be off to bed.