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Hibibby, Hibibby!

I had a good day yesterday. It went forever. I had stuff that I planned to do, but I didn't get around to doing, and I made videos that disappeared themselves into thin-cyberspace, but it was still good. I had fun doing my various activities and that's very important.

Harry Potter was cool. I've decided I still like it. The director made some nice changes, but there were a few shockers. He changed many of the sets. The whole Hogwarts castle seems to have been picked up and moved to a completely different place. I think I like this Hogwarts better, but I don't think it was a good choice to change at this stage in the series.

There was a lot of handheld stuff in this one, and a lot longer takes. Much grainer too. He made it seem less "fantastic" and more functional. They had this overbearing, reoccouring, motif of time. There are clocks, pendulums, and models of the solar system all over the place. The passing of the seasons is marked with lots of significance. The problem is, I can't see that point. I'm not sure why Alfonso was emphasising time so much. There is time as an integral plot point, but it in itself is not the point. Maybe it's to do with the theme of growing up, but I'm not sure. It seems a bit obvious (and not obvious) to me.