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Well here I am and it's 11am on a Tuesday. The whole house is asleep. Mum because she's already been up and gotten Hannah to school. Angus and Rob are just asleep. I woke up extra early (think 9:30) just in case Angus was up early too (seeing as he is sleeping in room with no curtains) and wandering round lost as people do when they sleep over and wake up and find no-one else awake. But alas he is still asleep. He managed to watch the movie last night. I got distracted by MSN. But I am quite happy I got distracted. I had a productive type.

I rang the guy about hireing the Stedicam yesterday. He tried to convince me not to get it and hire the cheaper dolly. These guys give good service. He was worried that for making a film clip we wouldn't want something that didn't allow you to replicate shots. I have discussed this with my DOP and we decided "Damn it! Let's get the dolly and the stedicam! What's another $90?". So now I have to ring the man and tell him my silly ideas. Generally I should probably just go for the dolly but I've wanted to use a stedicam for about 5 years now so I'm not going to let anyone stand in the way of my dream. Perhaps. I guess I would let a policeman. He might want to stand in the way.

"Stop! You are not to use that Stedicam!"