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Well hasn't tonight been fun. After what began as a fairly quiet night at the pub turned into an eventful conversation about female peodophiles, girls who turn into guys at puberty, big brother, blogs, blogs, Newcastle and blogs. Erin joined Ryan, Chris, Jem and I (I can't be bothered linking to them all). Later in the evening Jo joined us from all the way from the otherside of Sydney practically. That was fun. Howie didn't make it as he was up visiting Steve and Mim.

At some stage it came up in conversation that people at church think there is something going on between Jo and I. Which I find quite amusing. More amusing because of what we have all being talking about in the non-church end of town, which I will not talk about as I do not want to be any more badly behaved than I already have. I'm sure it's been one of those nights where everyone will be de-briefing. Right now I'm off to bed.