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Saturday was Youth Fix day. The plan was to run a 14-hour day for the Christian youth of Griffith that encouraged them and equiped them. Unfortunately none of the Christian youth of Griffith knew about it. Or perhaps they couldn't make it. Or maybe there aren't any. Anyway, no one turned up.

This delighted me secretly. I was feeling extreamly tired and was very happy that there was the prospect of a day off ahead of me. We the team had a pancake breakfast together and were in good spirits (I think many people were secretly thinking the same things as I). After dinner Jodie convened us for a discussion on the Biblical Theology of the church (seeing as we were in the habit of discussing the church in our tangents). This took me by suprise. It turned out to be a 2 and a half hour theology lecture. It was good stuff but I was in totally the wrong head space. I had prepared myself over breakfast for a day off and suddenly discussing what the the 3rd Epoch had to say about the church. Still I learnt stuff. That discussion tangented into how the Spirit works and does God reveal Himself in ways other than scripture. Jodie seems to be a Moore man through and through which meant that his answers where what I expected them to be. This isn't a bad thing, but I do think I disagree a little. But who don't I disagree with? My disagrements with Jodie's theology are nothing major.

When we finished our session we had half an hour off till lunch. I seized the opportunity to grab chair and Harry Potter and dash out on to the drive way and read, in the sun, by myself. It was so nice. Harry Potter is so much easier on the brain than the Biblical Theology of the Church.

After lunch I ran off to a park to read more Harry and listen to U2. When I go cold there I went and had a sleep at home. It was so good. I think I slept for two hours. Ahhh so nice.

After waking up I met the others at Maccas again ate a small cheese burger meal and feeling sorry for the macca's worker that Graham, Mitch and Chook were silly with, then moved to KFC for the "team" dinner. That was fun. I talked to one of Jodie's kids for a while and was quite silly with the KFC worker who reconised us from our scripture stuff in the schools. Mitch accused me of hypocrisy for "chatting up" the KFC girl which was probably quite valid except that I had Shanan with me to be silly with so I felt we were less likely to seem like we were chatting her up. Plus we had just run scripture seminars for her and so hopefully had a different relationship. I try not to make people think I'm chatting them up. I would never chat someone up properly. That would make me feel terrible. Chatting up is so fake. I said something profound to Lauren (who has incidently has a blog now, congratulations) the other night when I was telling her about the chatting up affair at the church on Thursday. I thought it was profound but Lauren laughed. So perhaps it was wasn't profound. I wish I could remember what I said, then I could figure out if it was good or not. I was very tired when I said it so chances are it was crap.

After KFC I went home and wrote a talk for the next day's church visits then went to bed.