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Tonight was a good night. The creative worship night was creative and worshipful. But it's wasn't vibey. That was nice. I arrived feeling a bit dodgy. Maybe like a waste of space, but came away not feeling like a waste of space. Spending time with God and His people is a good thing*. I wrote a poem, which is different, poems aren't my thing, but I wrote one. I paired up with Chris and read it too him. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to let anyone see it, but I did and that was good. But I think I'll put it away in the prayer draw with my other prayers to be unseen again (I haven't written down a prayer for the prayer drawer in years, actually I don't have a prayer draw anymore, it's a prayer folder, hmm).

After the night a few of us hung about and packed up the church. It was good fun. Sometimes packing up is the part of an evening I least like but I had fun tonight. Silly accents (I am so glad there are people in the world who like speaking in accents), arguments about pew placement and I managed to have two conversations about exfoliating gloves tonight, that’s more than I’ve ever had in one year. I’ve probably only had four conversations about exfoliating gloves in my whole life. What an amazing night.

So yeah, worship-ness was good, pack up fun, drive home not very interesting.


*You can quote me on that.