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I'm at church again. Five days in a row. My gosh this is going to be a record for me. I'm feeling really stuffed. I haven't had a day off since before Griffith. My routine has gone out the window so I've forgot to stop and not do anything. It's really showing today. I having a hard time stringing sentances together. I feel like a bit of an idiot because this wouldn't happen if I were looking after myself. But alas, I have been decieved by the spirit of business. As I said though tomorrow is my day off. Nice.

The leaders meeting this morning went well. I went to pick up one of my leaders, but ran very late due to my old trick of thinking then when you are heading forwards you are heading North. I read the map upside down for that reason and had a terrible time fixing that mistake. I think perhaps if I had been more alert things might have gone better.

Meeting was good though. We got everything planned. I had lunch with Steve. We had soup. That was good too.