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After going to Griffith I have thought a lot about what I think about everything. I think that evangelicalism is good quality. I think the Bible is very good and it's really sad that people don't teach it. I think the Anglo-Catholic movement was not a good thing. I think that Sydney has so much and elsewhere has so little. In many ways I would really like to move out to the country to do youth ministry because there is one. In Sydney we have a youth minister in what seems like every third church, one of the kids from the church in Griffith said that he didn't even know what a youth minister was. It's really sad that there is such a need out there, and no one to fill it. It would be great to see the Bible taught in the churches and the Bible taught in schools. When we went to the schools lots of the kids seemed to have no idea of the Gospel and a thirst for what we had to say. I don't think there are any youth ministers in the whole of the diocise of Griffith and none of the churches are growing it seems.

I am very blessed to have grown up here. I very blessed to have a knowlege of God revealed through the scriptures. I am blessed to have a desire to tell people about Christ.

I was worried that when we went in we would be arrogant Sydney people, and at times we were, but overall I think we did alright. But Sydney people really are lucky. If we aren't arrogant, we have so much we can offer our brothers and sisters. I pray that people, Anglican or not, will be raised up to preach Christ to the people all over the world who don't get to hear of Him, or who do, but hear un-truths that hide the grace He has to offer.

I know this isn't very eloquent, but I guess that's what's on my mind. Griffith was a place I really loved, but when I looked at the church out there, it made me sad. Sad because there were faithful people who had so little good teaching and leadership, and sad because there are so many people who should hear about Chirst but don't because the faithful have so few and poor resources.

That's what I have to say.