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Last night Rob and I watched The Cleopatra Project and Panda 82. They were good fun to watch. We made some silly stuff back then. TCP was just an excuse for all the cool things I wanted to do, like mexican stand-off, "love scenes", fight scenes, and lines like "F-Crying out loud!". TOOBSC is similar to TCP, concept-wise. But it's better. I'm not worried about it. Hey, if I copied myself, then who's going to get annoyed? Me? TOOBSC though isn't really made as an excuse for anything.

Actually now I think about it, it is. It's an excuse for me to do a pop film clip with dancers in it. I've always wanted to have dancers. And a film clip. Now I have both. And a stedicam. Geek out!

But, while watching the early days of Sparkly Bee, I noticed that all the bits that used to make me cringe and hide my face every time I watched those films (like the really bad pan in Panda 82) I no longer worry about. I think they are long enough ago, enough water under the bridge, that I can have a laugh. Rob and I were thinking we might do a commentary for TCP, that could be fun. But I'm not sure that we ever will. The sound is really bad on that film.

After having the "retrospective" I ate twisties, we drank Kahlua, and we watched Standing in the Shadows of Motown which was a cool film. It made me want to be a really good musician. We had a discussion while watching about how I was going to be a really good guitarist and piano and drums player, and Rob would be a really good guitarist and trumpet and drums player. Then we would sit upstairs in the study and have jams. That would be cool. I don't think that will ever happen. Although Rob is at Chris' right now learning to play his new guitar, so you never know.