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My Weekend by Thomas John French III esq.

Well I went away this weekend. It was with the eldest youth group at Church, Year 11 to 2nd year out of school, which doesn't include me. We went up to Wentworth Falls.

It was a nice weekend with a lot of hanging around. Damn cold. Chris lent me a lilo because I didn't bring one. Matt and Louise and I spent much time discussing TOOBSC. Good fun. I got to hang out with a bunch of people I don't normally hang out with which was nice. I went to get to know people, and I did that, so that was good.

I had small group with Guin. I wasn't expecting to do any leading on the camp, just being there, but I got a group. I ended up leading 3 out of the 4 small groups. I felt a little un-prepared, but it was good. I do enjoy a good small group. Nice it was.

I don't know if there are any highlights. Or funny stories. We played the animal game which was a hit.

Last night Matt, Emma, Liz and I sat around and laughed about poo and wee and farts. It was really good seeing Emma laugh about things which I find so funny because I didn't expect her to be like that. But see was right into it. It was good quality. We had good bonding.

Last night also contained a bonding session where we all passed around sheets with our names at the top and we wrote nice things about the people. I find those things really hard. I try and find something new everytime and I got sick of writing the words "great" and "friendly". Even if I meant them it felt fake.

Someone wrote on the back of mine "Tom I think your sexy".

They should have written "Tom I think you're sexy".

Oh well, I got their meaning. But I think they were joking.

If not, good for them.

Yesterday we went for a walk to Wentworth Falls (the actuall waterfalls) and Phil and I talked about worship music.

We came home about 1:30pm.

When we got back to church I went searching for Helen and her dancers who I thought we meant to be learning the dance for the film clip. They weren't there. I was an hour early. Bugger.

I came back an hour later and there they were, dancing. Very cool. I was impressed. I can't wait. It's been a dream of mine for ages to make something with dancers in it, now I can't. And the dance so far is looking very cool. Yay.

The people who heard the song all thought it was good which was tops. Matt liked it. People were impressed with the effects we put on Matt's voice. I was impressed too. I think they are the coolest bit of the song. It's good fun. Yay for Chris and his musical poshness.

Tonight in church we had a panel on sex. Well it was on sex and dating and lust and all the rest of it. I was on the panel. It was the most honest I've been in front of a church for a while. It was a little scary because I shared things which, may not have seemed big to other people, were big for me. Things which in the past I have only really told one or two other people. But I'm glad I did it. I said what I thought was important for people to hear, I pray that it was helpful.

The first question was on how to ask someone on a date. I had to answer that one. I felt throughly un-able to answer that questions as the thought of asking anyone on a date scares me to the innercore. Well maybe not that far, but pretty far. Plus my past experiences of shareing my romantic feelings have been less than ideal.

With this in mind I shared how I told Kaia that I liked her and the explination of my feelings via a mobile phone on Hornsby Baptist steps. Everyone had a good laugh at me. After church many different people teased me. Sal suggested that Jo pass all her comments at filming on Saturday to me via a mobile. Jono, Pete, Dan and Chris all had a good laugh at me while I carried my table and at the end of the night Chris walked up to me with his moblie and showed it too me, it said "Bye Tom". It was quite funny. Now Rob isn't the only person who teases me about that incident.

After church we went to maccas and were silly. Helen and I discussed TOOBSC and found that it was running over time. We need to do some trimming so that should be fun.

When we were kicked out of maccas as is usual on a Sunday night we hang out the front and were silly some more that was cool. I met (or perhaps saw close up is better) Jo's famous friends. That was cool. We were silly outside maccas some more and then went home.

And then I dropped Luke, Tim and Rob home, and dropped myself home. Now I am here.